Housing targets hit Tory shires most, ministers are warned

The MJ has reported on warnings from ministers that proposed changes to the housing targets formula could mean more developments in rural Conservative-held council areas than in traditionally Labour-held inner cities

An algorithm outlined in the Government consultation document suggests more housing could be earmarked for rural than urban areas, mainly in London and the South East.

The algorithm has been analysed by housing consultancy Lichfield and applied to each English local authority area and region.

The annual increase on current targets would be 25 percent in the West Midlands and 57 percent in the South East, while the North East, North West and Yorkshire and Humberside would all have lower number of homes built than the current planned average for the past three years.

The paper reports that the aim of the new targets was to ‘level up’ in areas with low delivery but noted that the new method still continues to concentrate growth in London.

Full article:

The MJ - Housing targets hit Tory shires most, ministers are warned


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