How digitally connected can you be?

Mobile UK has launched a new survey, asking us to identify how connected we are.  The survey asks a series of questions which prompts people to reconsider their usage of digital devices and ultimately their mobile and internet use.

RSN Chief Executive, Kerry Booth, says she is looking forward to the findings of the survey:

“We know that mobile coverage and broadband provision in rural areas is poor.  Only 36% of people living in rural areas have Gigabit capability and 4% still don’t get mobile coverage indoors.  The recent report from Vodaphone only goes to further confirm that rural is being left behind.  Yet, studies have shown that unlocking the digital potential of rural areas could add up to £26bn annually to the UK economy.

“I hope the findings of this study will start to show how reliant we are on digital connectivity, and this will only go to strengthen our argument that rural areas should be prioritised in the government’s digital roll out.”

Find out more on and take the survey here


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