How to get superfast rural broadband

The Sunday Times has published an article offering advice to readers on how to access superfast broadband in remote areas of the UK.

Three options are listed: a universal service obligation (USO), a community fibre partnership (CFP) or using a 5G mobile network. The universal service obligation was introduced by the Government during 2018 which gives all households in the UK a legal right to a minimum speed of 10Mbps. It will, however, not come into force until 2020 so some communities may prefer a CFP.

Many villages are choosing to form a community fibre partnership with Openreach which has to be funded privately. Finally, the UK mobile network is being upgraded to 5G which promises speeds of 1.4Gbps for everyone.

Service providers have hailed 5G as the answer to connectivity issues for remote areas of the UK: ‘The way we have planned our 5G rollout means users won’t need to wait for fibre to reach their village – and they won’t need the pavements and roads dug up in order to install it in their homes, no matter how rural,’ says Shadi Halliwell, chief marketing officer at Three.

No launch date for UK-wide 5G has been announced, however trials have already begun in London, Manchester, Cardiff and Glasgow.

Full article:

→ The Times - How to get superfast rural broadband


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