Increased flexibility of alternative fuel payments

The Government has announced it is expanding the scheme offering households using alternative fuels £200 in energy bills support

The announcement means more households using heating oil, LPG, biomass and other alternative fuels will receive £200 in energy bills support, thanks to the government’s expansion.

Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps has increased the period of time that applicants can evidence purchase of alternative fuels, by 3 months to June 2022, instead of September 2022.

This allows households who purchased fuel in bulk ahead of the winter are able to receive the £200 energy bill support they are entitled to.

Those eligible for £200 Alternative Fuel Payment can now apply using receipts from June 2022 – a 3-month extension – until May 2023. This is to recognise that many will have bought fuel ahead of winter price rises - and it is right that these households aren’t penalised.

Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero Grant Shapps said:

We have already stepped in and paid half of a typical household energy bill, but we also always want to make sure support gets to those who need it.

That’s why today we’re again stepping in to make sure those households using heating oil, LPG, biomass and more, can submit receipts for fuel purchases as far back as June 2022, because we recognise many households will have bought ahead of winter.

Amanda Solloway Minister for Energy Consumers and Affordability said:

We will always stand by consumers and families who have been hit by the impact of Putin’s illegal war on Ukraine.

Today we have gone one step further in extending our support to users of heating oil, LPG, biomass and more, to make sure all those in need of assistance with bills are able to access it.

Most will have got this automatically, but for those needing to apply - if you haven’t done so already, I urge you to put in your application to get the £200 support you’re entitled to.

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GOV.UK - Increased flexibility of alternative fuel payments, so more households will be supported with their energy bills


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