Invitation to Newly Elected Councillors and Existing Members

In the wake of last week's local council elections, the Rural Services Network (RSN) extends a warm invitation to all newly elected councillors of our member councils to join our upcoming Member Induction sessions. This is a perfect opportunity for those stepping into their roles to gain valuable insights into the work of the RSN and the broader landscape of rural policy.

Induction Session Details:

You can secure your spot and see details of all future events HERE.  Each session is designed to help you understand the critical issues affecting rural communities and how the RSN champions rural needs and potential.

Not Newly Elected? You're Still Welcome!

These induction sessions are not limited to newly elected members. We encourage all councillors from our member organisations who have not previously attended an induction to join us. Whether you are stepping into your role as a councillor for the first time or are an ongoing advocate for rural services, these sessions will provide valuable insights into the work of the RSN.

Why Attend?

Understand the Landscape: Learn about current rural policy and the implications for our communities.

Network and Collaborate: Connect with other members and share experiences and strategies for effective rural advocacy.

Empower Your Community: Gain tools and knowledge to champion the needs and potential of rural areas.

Through our induction sessions, you will gain a deeper understanding of current rural policies and their implications, which will equip you to better serve and advocate for your constituents. This is also a great chance to connect with other members and share experiences and best practices.

About The Rural Services Network:

The Rural Services Network is the national champion for rural services, advocating for over 500 organisations dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in rural England. Our mission is to ensure equitable access to services, resources, and opportunities for all rural residents, thereby enhancing the vibrancy and sustainability of these communities. Through our efforts in advocacy, collaboration, and targeted support, we aim to influence policy, facilitate development, and empower rural communities to thrive.

We look forward to welcoming you to our induction sessions and to working together to strengthen the voice and impact of rural communities.


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