Job Quality Indicators

The attached analysis presents ONS indicators of the quality of jobs (hours, earnings and contract information) in the UK using earnings data from the Annual Population Survey (APS) from 2018. Both the component data and composite measure of Quality Work is provided for a chosen member authority’s upper tier area. Classification and class averages are simple averages of the percentages over all authorities, they are provided as a guide, but are not comparable beyond those class and classification averages.

ONS definition of what constitutes an employee with ‘high quality work’ was someone with all of the following characteristics:

  • Earning at or above low pay of the Unitary Authority or county they live in, calculated using all known responses to the pay variable from each authority and the median thereof
  • Usually working fewer than 48 hours (including overtime) per week
  • Not being underemployed, meaning that a worker does not want to work more hours than their job allows them to, and
  • Having either a permanent contract, or some other contract with a reason they do not want a permanent contract.
- You can download the Job Quality Indicators analysis here


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