Keeping the Country Moving come rain or shine!

If, like me, you found yourself driving up the M5 one sunny day in late September, perhaps you too were shocked to encounter small convoys of bright yellow gritters and snow ploughs en route to depots across the country in readiness for their winter duties.  

This experience, coupled with news headlines predicting the return of the beast from the east and the severest weather for years certainly put winter on my radar. But, for thousands of organisations and their dedicated staff who keep our strategic road network operational in all weathers, we know winter is NEVER really off their radar.

Anyone with responsibility for planning or delivering ‘bad winter weather’ services, be it a Local Authority, contractor or individual operative, understands the massive costs and potential disruption of getting things wrong and with a £16,000 price tag just to deploy a gritter, failure is not really an option.

And whilst fleets of state-of-the-art vehicles that blow, plough and grit their way through the toughest of conditions are essential tools in the battle, it’s the people who prepare, maintain and operate this specialist kit 24/7, who are the true heroes.

Here at Lantra, we appreciate having vehicles off the road, even for a short period          isn’t an option. That’s why we’ve worked with industry to develop our new Winter Service Operations training course. It’s been designed to support operatives in the preparation, maintenance and operation of all current vehicle types, incorporating modular units to give maximum flexibility. This approach has enabled us to both maintain our quality standards and offer competitive prices compared to those charged by City & Guilds.  

As well as a mandatory health & safety awareness module, there are four optional modules, all practically assessed, covering service vehicles and equipment up to 3500kg; from 3500kg to 7500kg; over 7500kg; and snow blowers.  Once completed, successful operatives will receive a Lantra Skills Card listing the completed modules.

We’re confident that our course structure will appeal to a wide range of customers and will not only drive up standards but may even motivate some, such as Local Authorities, to get themselves registered as an approved Lantra training Provider and deliver their own in-house training.

If you’re interested, please contact me, Alec Hands at Lantra on 02476 696996.


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