Lack of infrastructure locks young out of rural areas

Farmers Guardian reports that an ’ecosystem of disadvantage’ is severely affecting young peoples’ ability to live and work rurally, according to a report from the Rural Youth Project (RYP)

The article maintains that internet speed and access is a huge rural challenge, especially for residents in rural areas who are running a business and relying on the social media and websites for sales.

The survey found that only 13 percent of respondents had access to high-speed broadband infrastructure, with 36 percent reporting speeds of below 4MB per second.

The survey also found that nearly 60 percent of young people’s broadband quality deteriorated due to increased usage during lockdown, affecting their ability to work from home and restricting social connections.

But connectivity issues did not only apply to broadband, with 78 percent of respondents using a car as the most frequent mode of transport.

Of those surveyed, 61 percent described public transport in their area as ‘very poor’.

Inadequate housing, which is limited in availability and highly expensive, was also pointed to as a further barrier for young people in rural areas.

Full article:

Farmers Guardian - Lack of infrastructure locks young out of rural areas


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