The Independent Food, Farming & Countryside Commission hosted by the RSA in its report launched on Tuesday 16th July ‘Our Future in the Land’ has added its voice to the calls by the RSN and the House of Lords Select Committee for a comprehensive Rural Strategy (more to follow)

Latest fuel poverty headlines impacting rural areas


Energy firms 'must do more for vulnerable customers'

31 May 2019

An independent report has warned energy firms that they must work harder to identify and help vulnerable customers. (Moneywise)

Revealed: Best and worst areas for energy efficiency

30 April 2019

Britain’s houses are some of the oldest and coldest in Europe – and the cost of leaking heat is leading to a rise in fuel poverty. (Open Access Government)

Report reveals discrepancies in energy usage

17 April 2019

A government report has revealed large discrepancies between theoretical levels of energy being used in British households and actual consumption rates. (Utility Week)

New member appointed to fuel poverty committee

30 April 2019

Anuradha Singh has been appointed to the government's Committee on Fuel Poverty. (Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy)

Labour pledges to fit homes with solar panels

(15 May 2019)

Labour has unveiled a plan to fit solar panels on a million social homes and those of low-income households to tackle fuel poverty. (Business Green)

Fewer homes lifted out of fuel poverty

12 May 2019

Fewer homes are benefitting from a green energy scheme designed to lift households out of fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions. (Bridlington Free Press)

'Vital need to change how we use energy’

24 April 2019

Energy UK says the sector must be transformed to deliver better results for customers through the use of next-generation technologies. (Energy Live)

Communities benefit from wind power

9 May 2019

Local communities are celebrating another funding windfall thanks to two renewable energy schemes, which will help beat fuel poverty. (Forest of Dean Review)

No landlords 'named and shamed' over fuel poverty

7 June 2019

No penalties issued to landlords offering draughty, energy wasting homes for rent have been made public by councils in England. (Business Green)

Slump in green measures to tackle fuel poverty

6 May 2019

Installations of green energy measures designed to lift households out of fuel poverty have fallen to their lowest level for three years. (Shropshire Star)

Accolade recognises council’s environmental efforts

22 May 2019

Daventry District Council has been awarded the Great Green Star by the Investors in the Environment scheme for the fourth year running. (Daventry Express)

Implementing fuel poverty strategies in the UK

15 May 2019

Campaigners are reviewing progress in delivering fuel poverty strategies and meeting statutory targets in each of the UK nations. (National Energy Action)

Couple urge others to update heating system

13 May 2019

A couple who had a new free oil central heating offer paid for by their local council and the Warm Homes Fund are urging to others follow their example. (South Wales Guardian)

New legislation would put homes in 'extreme' fuel poverty

16 May 2019

Scottish Government researchers estimate extremely fuel poor households would rise from 174,000 homes to 293,000 under a planned new definition. (Express & Star)

Tenants win fuel poverty talks with housing association

7 May 2019

Tenants are angered by a heating scheme they say is too expensive and harms poorer residents.(Common Space)


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