Lincolnshire Refugee Doctors Project

The numbers of Doctors has increased from 12 to 23, with the project having also been expanded to Lincoln as well as the original location of Grimsby. The programme over the last few months has successfully recruited both social mentor volunteers and English Language volunteers who are actively supporting programme members.

Throughout the COVID period 9 of our Doctors have actively supported local hospitals by carrying out Medical Support Worker roles which has helped support the NHS through what has been a hugely challenging period. The Doctors who have carried out these roles have also benefitted hugely by having the opportunity to work in a key role in under supervision whilst on our programme.

The project has been granted some further funding which will be used to support Doctors on the programme with further English Language support from a teacher who will be recruited to join the programme.

As we move into the next of our project, we’d be delighted to hear from Refugee Doctors or Asylum Seeking Doctors who need support, and also anyone who is interested in volunteering to support us.


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