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Lorry parks planned for rural south England under Brexit planning

The Telegraph has reported on concerns about plans to build lorry parks across rural parks of south England to cope with the implications of Brexit trade regulations

Of particular concern to residents is the lack of planning permission across 29 council areas including rural parts of Dorset, Devon and Kent, meaning that they have no ability to oppose the plans. The areas covered by the new act are home to almost 14 million residents.

The measures were pushed through Parliament as part of a statutory instrument to allow the Government to build in 29 council areas across the country.

The news came after haulage groups requested an ‘urgent’ meeting with ministers due to concerns about ‘significant gaps’ in preparations for Brexit. Damian Green MP (Con) has a lorry park planned in his constituency in Ashford.

He spoke to the paper, commenting: ‘It will be of huge concern to people local to wherever these new sites are going to be… Nobody wants a lorry park near them. I hope the fact that this has been done in a hurry doesn't mean that decisions are just made for the convenience of central government. This needs to be balanced with the needs of local people.’

Full article:

The Telegraph - Lorry parks to be built across south England under Brexit planning


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