Managing the school run with social distancing

ITV West Country reports on new measures introduced to support social distancing whilst children in the area travel to school on buses

The headteacher at Saltash Community School in Cornwall has closed roads to enable children to access coaches and reduce traffic in the area.

Pupils aged 11 and over will be required to wear face coverings unless exempt. Some buses which would normally be available for public use have been reserved for students only.

Cllr Geoff Brown from Cornwall Council explained: ‘We've dedicated a lot of the public service buses purely to school contracts so you may find the bus you normally catch to go to work or to go into the shops in the morning is actually being reconfigured as a school bus.’

The Government has given councils extra funding to support getting children back to school.

Full article:

ITV - Operation School Bus - How to get children to and from school while maintaining social distancing


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