Map reveals rural network areas

A GOVERNMENT map reveals the areas of England covered by Defra's new farming and rural networks.

Fourteen networks have been set up across England to identify and feed back local issues and concerns to Government to inform policy making.

A map showing their coverage can be downloaded here (1.4MB jpg).

The rural and farming networks will bring together people from rural communities, rural businesses and the food and farming industries.

They were announced by Defra minister Jim Paice at the Oxford Farming Conference on Wednesday (4 January).

The 14 Rural and Farming Network groups are:

- Farming Food and Rural Network East
- Rural Network East Midlands
- Lincolnshire Forum for Agriculture and Horticulture
- Derbyshire Economic Partnership Rural Forum
- Food, Farming and Rural Affairs Tees Valley
- Farming and Rural Issues Group (covering much of the South East)
- Essex Rural Partnership
- The Kent Rural Network
- Rural Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Partnership
- South West Rural and Farming Network
- Worcestershire Rural Hub (with links with Warwickshire)
- The Rural Hubs Partnership (covering Herefordshire, Shropshire and Staffs)
- Yorkshire Food, Farming and Rural Network
- The North Eastern Farming and Rural Advisory Network

Each group will also be a vital point of contact in the event of local emergencies to ensure localised assistance can be provided to keep businesses running.

Mr Paice said: "Defra will be the 'listening' department that will understand and promote the interests of rural communities and businesses."

The network will meet for the first time in early 2012 and then on individual policy areas or issues of importance to rural communities.

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