Mobile UK Launches New Educational Tool To Challenge Thinking Around The Role Of Mobile Connectivity In Our Daily Lives

Did you know mobile connectivity is so embedded in our day-to-day lives that it is often overlooked completely? To shine a light on the extent of our reliability on it, along with its potential, Mobile UK trade association for the UK’s mobile network operators has created a fun and easy to use ‘Interactive Landscape’.

This educational tool provides audiences of all ages a creative learning experience, helping build understanding around how mobile connectivity works and the infrastructure behind it. Brought to life across the many devices Mobile UK use every day, whether we’re in town, out of town, in the countryside or in an industrial setting, users can navigate through these areas and explore the volume of devices that rely on connectivity, discovering the impact they have. Using examples from on-demand grocery delivery to autonomous vehicles, to 5G-enabled virtual mirrors, the landscape offers an immersive experience which demonstrates the vital role the technology currently plays, along with its potential for the future.

Mobile UK encourage you all to try out the interactive landscape for yourself by clicking here. Why not have a go and then share it with a friend!

The Live Better Connected campaign is designed to show how richer and more fulfilled our lives are by being connected through mobile networks. As part of this campaign Mobile UK has created the How Connected Are You? challenge. Please take the challenge and share your results with us on social media, Mobile UK would love to know how connected you are.


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