MP backs calls for faster broadband

A Worcestershire MP is urging local businesses to help make the case for better rural broadband.

Harriett Baldwin is calling on local entrepreneurs to take part in a survey to help Worcestershire County Council to get more investment to extend the reach of superfast broadband.

Three-quarters of homes and businesses in her West Worcestershire constituency have access to fibre connections.

That number is expected to rise throughout 2017.

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But some hard-to-reach areas will need extra investment and the local broadband team is helping to build a business case.

Ms Baldwin said: "There are quite a few small clusters of businesses based in the rural countryside and I urge them to take part in this survey to help to press for further investment.

She added: "A lot of people also work from home or even start up their own enterprise in a spare bedroom or garage.

Ms Baldwin said all of these people would benefit from getting 21st century communications and she wanted to urge them all to speak up.

"By showing that an area needs better connections, the Superfast Worcestershire team will be able to apply for funding to help areas that otherwise may miss out.

"I'd also repeat my comments that people who can, should connect to faster internet.

"We are seeing more and more demand on our internet infrastructure and superfast internet will soon become a necessity for most families.

"Every connection means that BT will re-invest back into the community helping as many people as possible to get connected and that re-investment will be crucial to getting towards 100% coverage."

The Worcestershire County Council survey can be accessed by visiting the Superfast Worcestershire website or by clicking here.


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