Next Government Urged to Prioritise Community Transport to Cut Local NHS Waiting lists

The Rural Services Network is backing the Community Transport Association’s call for the next UK government to utilise community solutions in a hard-hitting manifesto on the state of accessible transport across the UK.

The CTA manifesto, A Better Future for Transport: National Challenges, Community Solutions calls for a new and dynamic partnership between the next UK government, CTA and the Community Transport sector to continue to fill the gaps left by a shrinking bus network; respond to an ageing population, protect the future of the NHS and social care; tackle climate change, reduce poverty, inequality and the cost of living crisis, and level up the nations and regions of the UK.

CTA Director for Scotland, David Kelly said:

“Investing in community solutions is essential to build a more accessible, affordable, and attractive transport system with far-reaching benefits.

“As we look towards the general election, it is vital the next UK Government fully values and invests in community transport. Working with communities is not only a pragmatic solution to alleviate pressures on our NHS and the social care system, but it is also the right thing to do to demonstrate our collective commitment to ensuring universal access and greater equality for generations to come.”

Produced in collaboration with UK wide Community Transport operators and CTA members, the CTA Manifesto focuses on five key priorities based on the national challenges facing the UK;

  • Modernising for Growth
  • Improving Access to Health and Social Care
  • Investing in Community Solutions
  • Accelerating Community-led Climate Action
  • Delivering a Fair Deal for Volunteers

CTA research found that trips to access health services are amongst the popular purposes for CT, to support people to get to GP surgeries, hospitals, hospices, vaccination centers and care homes.

Accessible ‘door-to-door’ or ‘door-through-door’ services by Community Transport make thousands of health and social care appointments possible every year and save millions of pounds through preventing missed appointments, delayed discharges and longer waiting lists.

The benefits of community transport schemes run far beyond a single health-related journey. Launched in August 2022, CTA supported 18 pilot schemes through the Tackling Loneliness through CT project in a bid to research how transport policies can reduce the number of people feeling lonely in England.

93% of people participating in the project reported that accessing CT had a positive impact on feelings of isolation or loneliness.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Community Transport solutions and to join the campaign for Community Solutions can find out more at or get involved on social media using #CommunitySolutions

Kerry Booth, RSN Chief Executive

The Rural Services Network strongly supports the Community Transport Association's manifesto, which underscores the vital role community transport plays in addressing our nation’s most pressing challenges. As part of our 'Winning the Rural Vote' campaign, we urge all political parties to recognise the importance of community transport solutions in unlocking the full potential of rural areas. Investing in community transport is not only a step towards modernising our transport infrastructure but also a critical measure to improve access to health and social care, combat climate change, and foster greater social inclusion. By prioritising these initiatives, the next UK government can ensure a more equitable, accessible, and sustainable future for all.


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