Norfolk patients face some of the longest journeys to GPs

Great Armouth Mercury reports that people in rural Norfolk face longer journeys than almost anyone in the country to pick up prescriptions at a pharmacy, attend a GP appointment or use leisure facilities

England’s first official national health index, published by the Office for National Statistics this week, pulls together data to give counties in England a single health score.

Given Norfolk’s rural nature of much of the county several of the indicators in which Norfolk performed badly are centred around distance from services.

Only three out of 149 counties fared worse than Norfolk in terms of how far people have to travel to use sports and leisure facilities.

Patients in the county also have to travel further than most to both GP surgeries and pharmacies, with Norfolk coming in at fifth worst in the country for both measures.

The report notes that all the counties that ranked worst for this indicator were all rural in nature.

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Great Armouth Mercury - Norfolk patients face some of the longest journeys to GPs


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