Ofcom sets out plan for rapid investment in UK rural broadband

The Financial Times reported on Ofcom’s announcement for its proposals for regulation of the fixed telecoms market describing this as ‘new, flexible regulation that will help to build a full-fibre future for the whole of the UK’

It is consulting on these proposals until 1st April, with their decisions published in early 2021. As part of Ofcom’s four-point plan developed to support the ‘competitive investment in fibre networks’, the regulator announced their focus on taking rural areas into the fast lane, by supporting investment by Openreach in these areas.

This comes after Tuesday’s announcement of Ofcom’s planned programme of work for the next financial year 2020-2021. Ofcom have suggested they will focus on the following that will benefit rural customers:

  • Supporting ongoing investment in faster broadband and better mobile coverage across the country.
  • Ensure broadband, phone and TV customers, particularly vulnerable people, are treated fairly.
  • Ensuring postal users have access to a sustainable and efficient service.

Full article:

The Financial Times - Ofcom sets out plan for rapid investment in UK rural broadband


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