Over half of rural residents considering moving house due to pandemic

Property Reporter magazine covers news that those living in rural or semi-rural locations have suggested they are more likely to move than those living in urban and sub-urban areas, according to a new survey of 6,000 people

More than half of adults living in rural and semi-rural locations would like a change of scene, a higher proportion than those dwelling in suburban or urban places (39 per cent).

Many residents of rural and semi-rural locations show a desire to move to places with more facilities.

People are more likely to believe rural and semi-rural locations would provide a better quality of life for their family, and more people believe there will be health benefits due to lower pollution in rural locations.

Compared to all other types of setting, urban locations are more likely to be chosen for a better social life and transport links according to the survey.

However, only a relatively small number of people say they plan to move because they could work from home and wouldn’t need to commute as often, which is fairly consistent at around 15 per cent across all location types.

A similar number say they would consider moving to reduce the possibility of infections such as COVID-19.

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Property Reporter - Is the grass greener? - Over half of rural residents eyeing a move due to pandemic


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