Network Members

The Rural Services Network encompasses a wide range of partners and organisations who all work together to help provide a voice for rural communities. Over 24,000 members belong to the network.
The figures below give an indication of the numbers of organisations involved with the Rural Services Network.

123 Local Authorty members (comprising of:)
104 Sparse and Rural Assembly members (view here)
19 Rural Assembly only members (view here)

215 Rural Services Partnership members (view here)

13 Fire and Rescue Service Group members

9,000+ Community Group members (mainly parish councils and local organisations)

35 Rural England Research Stakeholder Group members (working with Rural England CIC)

30 Rural England Supporters organisations -often Utility Companies. (working with Rural England CIC)

25 Uk Policy and Practitioners Research Group members (working with Rural England CIC)

15 Rural Housing Association network members

102 Rural Health Network members 

149 Members on a Principal Councillors Sounding Board

320 Members on a Parish Council Sounding Board

24,000+  Members belong to the network


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