Book your place at the National Rural Conference 2022

If your organisation is a member of the RSN through the SPARSE, Rural Assembly, RSP or RHCA you can book your free place at the National Rural Conference now and join rural specialists to debate key issues.  We have over 600 bookings already so book your place now!

RSN Rural Associate Service

At the RSN, we recognise the important role that Parish Councils play in helping to support rural areas.  We engage with a range of organisations reaching from Parish Councils across the length of England, to the All Party Parliamentary Group in Westminster and consider this vital to ensure that we are representing the full range of organisations delivering services in rural areas.

As part of our Sparse and Rural Assembly Membership, Parish Councils that are based in subscribing Local Authority member areas, are entitled to a Rural Associate Service.  This entitles them to receive the Rural Bulletin and Rural Funding Digest free of charge.  They are not entitled to receive any other RSN services however we feel that this enables them to keep up to date with key rural news and issues relevant to rural areas.

The Associate Service may be contacted from time to time on other rural matters.

Local Councils from local authority areas that are not in membership can still subscribe to the RSN Rural Associate Service, but on a subscription basis of £50 + VAT a year.  To find out more, contact us


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