Peers ask for evidence on rural economy

A House of Lords committee is asking for views on the opportunities, challenges and prospects for the future in rural communities.

The House of Lords Select Committee on the Rural Economy recently began its investigations following its appointment earlier this spring.

The committee is investigating a range of subjects relating to the rural economy – including services, digital connectivity, housing, transport, employment and demographic change.

The committee is asking for contributions on topics including:

  • How the Government is performing on the rural economy
  • Improving and maintaining provision for essential services such as healthcare, education and banking
  • Helping rural business to thrive, and supporting investment and new industries
  • Tackling deprivation and inequality in rural area
  • Supporting shops, pubs and other local amenities

Committee chairman Lord Foster of Bath said it was an exciting time for the rural economy.

"The Committee hopes that the report it produces will have a wide-ranging impact on policymakers, practitioners and the public, celebrating successes where they have occurred and challenging people and organisations – including government – to do better where necessary.

“Whether you run a local business, live or work in a rural community, or want to celebrate successes and address challenges in rural areas, I urge you to get in touch and submit evidence to the inquiry.”

Written evidence can be submitted online using the form found here. The deadline is 4pm on Monday 10 September 2018.

The rural economy has transformed over the years and is now dynamic and diverse, contributing substantial added value to the country as a whole as well as to rural residents.

Rural communities are also growing, with significant migration of all age groups from urban areas. This inquiry will explore these challenges in more detail and consider how they can be addressed.


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