Plymouth University: Levelling up our digital health strategy

The New Statesman has published an article sponsored by Plymouth University arguing that the digital divide in Britain needs to be addressed for digital health progress to be made in theNHS

Whilst COVID-19 has helped speed up digital advances within our healthcare systems, the article argues a digital-first NHS will only work if everyone is online, but currently only 47 percent of adults aged 75 and over were internet users in 2019.

A national decision to invest in areas that were already digitally advanced has therefore exacerbated the digital divide between different parts of the UK.

Areas such as Greater Manchester and London are now ahead with respect to their digital health ecosystems. In contrast, rural and peripheral coastal areas, that have older populations who are more likely to be digitally excluded, are losing out in a digital strategy that is geographically concentrating investment rather than trickling down.

Full article:

The New Statesman - Levelling up our digital health strategy


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