PM’s promises on buses have failed to turn up

Robert Goodwill MP (Con), chairman of the newly formed All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Bus and Coach Industry, wrote in The Times this week that the Government needs to urgently bring forward the funds to support the bus industry, which has been badly affected by the lockdown measures

Goodwill argued that buses are not a ‘urban vs rural’ issue, and that all communities rely on the existence of a bus network, which should be factored into the Government’s support for the industry.

He maintained that delivery of the Government’s promise of 4,000 zero-emission buses would be welcomed by the public.

The industry believes that the introduction of private finance can achieve greater impact and social benefit for every pound of taxpayer funds used. Investing in zero-emission buses would therefore provide an ‘instant, much-needed boost’ across the UK bus manufacturing industry.

Full article:

The Times - PM’s promises on buses have failed to turn up


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