Police boss says priority is rural crime

TACKLING rural crime has neen named as a priority by Norfolk's Police and Crime Commissioner.

Commissioner Lorne Green gave an update on his Rural Policing Strategy – launched in autumn 2016 – at a special meeting.

Fly tipping, illegal metal detecting, online scamming and speeding were just a few of the topics raised.

The event was attended by more than 50 local residents and a panel of experts on rural crime.

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Speaking at the Snettisham event, Mr Green, said: "A year ago I was campaigning to be PCC for Norfolk and in that campaign I pledged to support rural communities by listening to and responding to the needs of people in the countryside.

"Once elected to office I immediately set about fulfilling this pledge by joining the National Rural Crime Network."

Mr Green said he had also held engagement events and commissioned Norfolk Constabulary to develop a new Rural Policing Strategy.

This would help respond even more effectively to crimes that were unique to and take place in rural communities, he told the meeting on 2 May.

Mr Green told the meeting that when he was elected a year ago, Norfolk had six officers devoted to rural crime – since then the county's force has increased that number to 23.

The Barnstorming event, held at Snettisham Park Visitor Centre, is one of a number of initiatives Mr Green has introduced during his first year as PCC to tackle rural crime.

In autumn 2016, Norfolk PCC hosted a Rural Crime Summit also attended by PCCs for Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire.

Together, the four PCCs signed a Rural Crime Concordat pledging to work across county borders to tackle the crime issues affecting rural communities.

'Supporting Rural Communities' is also a key priority in Norfolk PCC's recently published Police and Crime Plan.

Mr Green added: "People in Norfolk have told me about their crime and policing concerns and what they feel they need from the police to feel safer living or working in their local area.

"I have pledged to take up their concerns and drive forward Norfolk's approach to tackling rural crime and this is the first of a cycle of meetings which will take place around the county over the next three years."


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