Pressure on to not close rural bank branches

Nationwide is to pile pressure on high street rivals with a marketing campaign promising it will not leave towns deserted according to an article in This is Money

The building society is pledging that it will not close any of its 650 branches if they are the last in town, and vowing to stick to its promise until May 2021 at the earliest.

Its new advertising campaign will use the slogan ‘Here today, here tomorrow’ to lure customers of other banks who may be worried about losing access to local services. Banks and building societies closed 772 bank branches last year.

Joe Garner, Nationwide’s chief executive, said: ‘We have been benefiting from our competitors retreating from the high street, and growing in our branches as a result.’

Full article:

→ This is Money - Nationwide to pile pressure on rivals not to close rural branches in new marketing campaign to lure customers


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