RHCA Member - Community Lincs

Community Lincs’ vision is to create a Lincolnshire where people are connected, communities thrive and opportunities exist for all.

We have offered vital services across Lincolnshire for over 90 years and have always maintained a clear and steady focus on the needs of Lincolnshire people. As community experts, we pride ourselves on being a listening organisation, directly responding to our communities’ needs. We  harness the wealth of skills and experience we have developed over this time and work closely with people, communities, our local authority partners, statutory groups and funders to offer high-quality and needs-led services.

We work with people, giving them the skills, resources, connections and confidence to help them deliver a better future for themselves, the people they care about and the communities they live in.  Ever mindful of embedding positive change, new opportunities and ongoing sustainability in every project we deliver, our impact is wide ranging. We deliver a variety of services which meet our strategic priorities, these include:

  • Good Neighbour Schemes,
  • Outreach to support communities with a focus on well-being and addressing rural isolation and loneliness, through for example, pop-up cafes
  • Access to affordable warmth and advice,
  • Providing advice and support to community buildings and the vital role they play in rural areas, and
  • Our T.E.D. Ageing Better programme, part of the national Ageing Better programme, which is based on the East Coast – a well-being focussed programme focussed on addressing the needs of socially isolated and lonely older people
  • Partnerships with other local organisations seeking to achieve system change to address community need

We live in a time of challenge given the increasing pressure on public services to achieve more savings year-on-year; many villages in Lincolnshire no longer have easily accessible public transport services, have no village shop, bank or community hub. This retraction of infrastructure and amenities alongside the additional factors of rural living, is contributing to the emerging societal epidemic of loneliness and social isolation, both for older people and younger people in our area.

As a charity with a region-wide remit we recognise that these challenges to people living rurally, in respect of poverty, lack of access to infrastructure and services, are all significant factors contributing to this epidemic. We hear first-hand from our beneficiaries how such challenges impact on individual’s lives and we feel passionate as an organisation about providing targeted support in communities to address these issues and help provide the right solutions.


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