RHCA Member - Lincolnshire LMC

Lincolnshire Local Medical Committee (LMC) is the statutory representative body for GPs and their Practices, operating across the county. We represent in total, around 450 GPs, whether Partners, Salaried GPs, or freelance locums.  We exist solely to represent, advise, and support GPs and their Practices.

The Committee comprises 24 GPs, GP trainees, and practice manager,  elected by the GP constituents it covers, and is entirely independent.  

Lincolnshire LMC works with other health and care partners across Lincolnshire to develop and maintain excellence in health and care provision for the patients of Lincolnshire.

Health and care services are usually designed for urban populations, so adapting these models for dispersed rural communities takes significant ingenuity and adaptability.

Lincolnshire is England’s second largest county geographically, and our GP practices are spread across this vast area, with infrastructure which creates challenges to health and care provision.  The rural and isolated nature creates pockets of significant deprivation and increased health need in the population.  Funding and workforce are not matched to this demographic challenge, so Lincolnshire’s GP practices and other health and care providers struggle to provide the services which patients need.


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