RHCA Member - Pym’s Consultancy Ltd

Pym’s Consultancy Ltd was established in 2014 to support small businesses and entrepreneurs enter health and care markets in the UK and overseas, increase sales and expand their market presence.  We work closely with a number of UK universities, spin-out companies and key influencers across the UK, providing advice, support, mentorship and interim placements for new and established companies, helping decision-making to Board level.

Our Business Consultants are all Associates, with experience of running their own businesses in addition to specialist skill-sets from Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs to International Sales and Market Access.  We help our clients source grant funding from local, regional and national project funds and have a access to a broad network of Venture Capital organisations for further investment.  Working with clients to formulate clear, compliant grant applications our overall success rate is 87.5%, winning funding pots from £20K to £5 million. 

As a rurally-based micro SME in Lincolnshire key challenges facing our business and our clients’ businesses are:

  • Road systems which are poorly maintained, and insufficient for the growing population.  Standard travel time for a 45 mile trip to Nottingham for example is 1 ½ hours, eroding into productive time for us and our clients
  • Lack of available grants for health and care projects in Lincolnshire/rural areas
  • Grant systems which have yet to catch-up with the integrated care agenda, still focussing on clinical projects over public health perspectives.
  • Broad challenges of delivering care over diverse, dispersed, isolated and often deprived communities
  • Poor availability of test-sites and clinical support for innovative projects in rural areas
  • Lack of healthcare innovation hubs attracting innovators and entrepreneurs
  • No tertiary care centres in Lincolnshire
  • Validation for research out of Lincolnshire – poor reputation for healthcare performance
  • Under-funded health and care systems, meaning that clinicians and managers are fighting to maintain services, leaving little capacity or money for improvement and innovation
  • East Midlands innovation environment Nottingham-centric, with future funding aimed at place-based investment where expertise and environment established means if infrastructure not in place, little chance of being funded in future.



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