RHCA Member - Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust serves a population of around 225,000 people across South Wiltshire, North Dorset and West Hampshire, achieving Foundation Trust status in June 2006. Acute services provided at Salisbury District hospital include general and acute services medicine, surgery, services for women and children, accident and emergency, diagnostic and clinical support services) with specialist services including burns, spinal,  Plastics, cleft lip and palate, genetics. In addition to the general population, the trust provides rehabilitation to a population over three million patients. The Trust is part of the Bath and North-East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire sustainability and transformation partnership (STP) and have clinical networks with NHS trusts in Southampton and Bournemouth.

As part of this STP area, the Trust faces common challenges with the other acute Providers (Royal United Hospitals, Bath and Great Western Hospital, Swindon) in our Acute Provider Alliance. All three hospitals are located on the fringes of our STP area. Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust serves a largely rural population, within areas that often form parts of other health systems in Dorset and Hampshire in particular. The middle of the STP geography is characterised by a rural area with significant armed forces families and facilities.

There are limited transport options and links from rural areas to the main acute Providers, and few transport links between the primary towns of Bath, Swindon and Salisbury. The challenges of travelling through and around our rural setting mean that careful consideration is required in how patients and their families access our services. Our services are provided both at Salisbury District Hospital, a rural location 2 miles south of Salisbury City Centre, and through satellite provision in other market towns in Wiltshire. The services provided by the Trust are a focal point for health and care in South Wiltshire, and the Trust is working with STP and other local partners to establish a Place based approach to planning healthcare which takes in to account the rurality of our populations.

The Trust performs approximately 36,600 planned operations or procedures each year, with an additional 31,000 people receiving emergency treatment. Last year over 129,000 outpatients appointments took place and over 59,000 people attended the accident and emergency department. The trust had 24,493 surgical admissions from June 2017 to May 2018. Emergency admissions accounted for 6,929 (28.3%).

The Trust provides; 24 inpatient wards, 511 inpatient beds and 32 day-case beds. The Trust has eight theatres within their main surgical theatre suite and six additional theatres in their day surgery unit. There is a burns and plastics theatre within the designated burns and plastics ward. Plastic outpatients have two outpatient theatres where minor ops are performed and there are also two Obstetric Theatres located in the Maternity Unit. An emergency theatre team and an obstetric theatre team is available 24 hours a day.

The Trust employs more than 4,401 staff including 371 medical and dental staff, 940 NHS infrastructure, (non-medical) staff, 123 other qualified (non-medical) staff.

The Trust has two subsidiary companies, Odstock Medical Ltd and Salisbury Trading Limited.  Odstock Medical Ltd was set up in 2005 to market worldwide its experience and knowledge of functional electrical stimulation and its own pioneering electrical devices for patients who have had a stroke or other neurological disorders. Income generated is used for research and for new initiatives. 


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