RSN Welcomes Members to Its Flourishing Rural Market Towns Group

The Rural Services Network (RSN) is proud to highlight the developments and opportunities within its Rural Market Towns Group (RMTG), a vibrant collective designed to amplify the voice and address the unique needs of market towns across rural England. As the national champion for rural services, RSN advocates for over 500 organisations that deliver services in rural settings, providing a robust platform for shared voices and concerted action.

The RMTG brings together larger rural parish and town councils, enabling them to network, share best practices, and participate actively in national campaigning efforts. The primary goal is to enhance the effectiveness and reach of services in rural market towns, ensuring these vibrant communities thrive economically, socially, and culturally. By joining the RMTG, members become part of a nationwide organisation representing a broad spectrum of rural stakeholders. This network not only fosters peer-to-peer learning but also positions members to contribute significantly to shaping rural policy at a national level.

We invite all market towns and larger parishes to join the RMTG and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to network with like-minded communities.

RMTG Membership provides a unique platform to:
  • Collaborate with Over 170 Rural Market Towns: Share insights and strategies to tackle common challenges.
  • Access Exclusive Resources: Benefit from tailored information and statistical profiles to aid in local planning and service delivery.
  • Influence Policy and Advocacy: Contribute to a stronger, collective voice advocating for the needs and interests of rural areas.
Benefits of Joining the RMTG
  • Networking Opportunities: Dedicated RMTG meetings and regular seminars bring together councillors and clerks from across the country to exchange ideas, strategies, and insights on overcoming common challenges.
  • Information Sharing: Members receive a bi-monthly newsletter, weekly rural bulletins, and a monthly funding digest, all rich with relevant content including government consultations, rural news, and grant opportunities.
  • Campaigning for Change: Participation in RSN's Winning the Rural Vote Campaign and other national campaigns amplifies the collective voice of rural market towns, advocating for policies that recognise and address their unique needs.
  • Educational Resources: Members have FREE access to exclusive seminars and discounted tickets to the National Rural Conference, providing learning opportunities from experts and leaders in rural development.
  • Visibility and Collaboration: Member logos are displayed on the RSN website, facilitating recognition and collaborative opportunities. Members can also showcase their successes through RMTG newsletters and online platforms, sharing their stories and innovations with a broader audience.

For more information or to become a member, please visit our website or contact us directly.

Phone: 01822 851370


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