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RSP Member - Bromford.

Our social purpose is to inspire people to be their best so they can get the most out life. We believe that if we offer the right home and the right relationship with us, every one of our customers can achieve more.

We start by ensuring our customers have a home that meets their needs - one which they can afford and that can be their springboard to achieving their aspirations.

We believe in establishing the right kind of relationship with each customer at the start so they can get the best from their homes and our services.  We also recognise and encourage the important part that family, friends and the community can play in everybody’s wellbeing and happiness.  We use a coaching approach to help customers build on their existing skills and talents so that they can overcome challenges, including those raised through welfare reform and this is a key part of our relationship with them.

We know this is having a positive impact on our customers and their families and it is also reducing costs to society.  As our customers become more self-reliant, we can spend our money helping new or existing customers to get back on track when they experience temporary periods of difficulty.

Social Value

We recognise that by understanding the social value our services create, as well as knowing what matters to our customers, we can offer services that have the greatest impact for the majority of customers that in turn creates value to the wider community and our business.

We assess the impact of both existing and new services and we test them through our change pipeline so we know whether a service meets our strategic objectives and the specific outcomes related to individual interventions.

This measured insight gives us the confidence that any updates or changes we make to our services will really make a difference and this deeper level of understanding ultimately helps us to make informed investment decisions too.  Decisions that not only deliver positive outcomes for customers but also represent Value for Money which enables us to continue to invest in innovative ways to create social value.

To find out more about this, please visit our website at www.bromford.co.uk

How we do what we do

We believe that housing is about far more than putting a roof over somebody's head and as part of our commitment to this year’s #HousingDay and #WorldMentalHealthDay we took the opportunity to show the value of building good relationships with our customers.

A couple of years ago we introduced a coaching approach to everything we do.  We made our patch sizes smaller - replacing the traditional housing manager role which had around 600 homes to look after with new neighbourhood coach role with around 175.  We believed that by creating smaller patches we could build better relationships with our customers and by finding out what is important to them, as well as their strengths and goals we could help them connect with others. 

Since then, our coaches have been getting to know the skills and talents of our customers and the wealth of community assets in every neighbourhood.  As we get to know them better, trust is growing and our customers are more comfortable sharing the challenges they face.  We’re discovering things we might never have known with our old way of working - things that would only have come to our attention when a situation had reached rock bottom, when things were starting to impact on a neighbour or when statutory agencies had become involved. 

A few great examples can be found here


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