RSP Member - Parkinson’s UK

Parkinson’s UK
Our vision - our ultimate ambition - is to find a cure, and improve life for KEY everyone affected by Parkinson’s

Key areas of our work :

Research -We influence and fund ground breaking research internationally to advance understanding of Parkinson's and improve treatments.
Information -We provide expert information on every aspect of Parkinson's.
Friendship and Support - We offer support and opportunities to live life to the full for everyone with Parkinson's, their families and carers.
Campaigning and influencing - We raise awareness, change perceptions and work in partnership to drive better services.

Provision of Health and care services for people with Parkinson’s in the rural communities, in particular issues such as vulnerability, isolation and loneliness, transport, communications are all challenges we face. We welcome the opportunity of working together to seek equity of health and care services for rural communities, and creating a strong, collective voice for those involved in providing rural health and care services and raising awareness of the challenges faced.


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