RSP Member - Royal Cornwall Hospitals

The role of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust and particular concerns and challenges from a rural perspective.

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust is an NHS Trust and is the sole provider of acute healthcare to Cornwall residents.  The Trust has 3 hospitals the main site being in Truro with a hospital at Hayle (St Michael’s) and Penzance (West Cornwall).  The main emergency department for the health community is based at the Royal Cornwall Hospital site.

The key challenges for the Trust are that as the sole provider of acute healthcare services it accepts all emergency admissions and is required to serve its population with all healthcare needs.  Due to the rurality of Cornwall public transport is often difficult and providing accessible services to the health population is therefore challenging.  The Trust constantly strives to look at ways to transform services in order to provide maximum benefit to its residents.  Coupled with this Cornwall has an ageing population due to the fact that many individuals will retire here due to the beauty and tranquillity of the Cornish coastline.


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