Rural 5G an opportunity for pubs

The Government’s announcement of a £30 million fund to improve rural connectivity will help rural pubs ‘survive and thrive’, that’s according to comments made by David Cunningham, programme director for pub campaign Long Live the Local, reported by the Morning Advertiser

Cunningham, , said that the rollout of rural 5G will provide a wealth of opportunities for rural pubs: ‘Increasingly people are working flexibly in terms of the hours and places they work…some pubs have already started to position themselves as places where you can drop in and work.’

He added: ‘The rollout could bring in new customers who want and need fast and reliable internet connections…a pub with a warm welcome, great food and drinks and fast and reliable WI-FI would be appealing for many.’

Full article:

→ Morning Advertiser - 5G rollout offers rural pubs chance to ‘survive and thrive’


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