Rural areas face threat of 400,000 new homes

Nearly 400,000 homes will be built on greenfield sites in the south of England over the next five years, according to a new analysis of planning policy reported in The Times and MailOnline

The data suggests large parts of the countryside could be paved over by councils to meet revised housebuilding targets.

The reports warn that Cornwall alone would have to build “more than 11,000 homes on rural land”, and areas such as Buckinghamshire and Central Bedfordshire will each have to create at least 10,000 plots.

Less development will be needed in the north of England, with half as many new homes per head of population in “red wall” constituencies as in the rest of the country.

This is a result of the Government’s formula which assumes that more homes are needed where prices are higher.

The figures have reignited concerns on the Conservative back benches that planning reforms will both alienate Conservative voters in the shires while undermining commitments made to the north.

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