Rural communities in danger

Experts have warned that rural communities are ‘in danger of dying out’ unless they are given more help to cope with ageing populations, according to an article by iNews.

Trudi Grant, director of public health at Somerset County Council - an area with a median age of 53 compared with the UK average of 39 – highlighted the danger of ‘very unsustainable communities’ in which the population is dominated by those not of working age. Anne Marie Morris, MP for Newton Abbot and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Rural Health and Social Care, was quoted saying that a ‘one size fits all system’ for healthcare is better suited to urban communities. She said that in rural areas more specialist doctors and fewer general consultants are needed. She added that many nurses and medics ‘will have spent their training in urban areas so we need more training and experience taking place in rural areas,’.

Full article:

→ iNews - Rural communities ‘could die out by 2050’ unless health and care system improves, experts warn


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