Rural co-working spaces are on the rise

The Telegraph reports that daily ‘commuter trains’ now appear ‘outdated and unproductive’, as we are embracing a new flexible, hybrid model of working and commuting, whether through choice or the closure of city offices

Poor home broadband speeds and lack of office equipment at home have increased demand for rural offices by two per cent, while inquiries for city centre locations fell by 10 per cent.

The report predicts that the effect of such hubs will mean more money is spent in local high streets rather than city-centre chains.

Pre-Covid, the introduction of a flexible workspace reportedly added an average £12m into the local economy.

However, even before the pandemic there was a shortage of rural flexible working spaces, and local communities are now launching more to help reverse the ‘brain drain’ in the countryside.

Full article:

The Telegraph - Ditch the dining table – rural co-working spaces are on the rise


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