Rural consumers ready for transition to cashless society

Talking Retail and Retail Times have published research demonstrating that rural and older communities are as happy to make cashless payments as their younger and city-dwelling counterparts

55 percent of those living rurally responded to a survey stating that they now feel prepared for the transition to a cashless society.

In addition, 70 percent of those in rural areas responded that they have become more comfortable using cashless payments since lockdown began – more than those in urban areas (66 percent).

The research suggests that across different areas of the country there is a growing shift towards a cashless society, even in rural areas, which was previously a concern.

During lockdown consumers have become more adept at leading a predominately cashless life.

As the high street starts to open up, this could give businesses the incentive to launch or expand their e-commerce channels and invest in direct delivery models to adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour.

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