Rural crime - join the debate

RURAL crime is the subject of a special debate expected to include contributions from police and community groups.

The 4Policing consultancy group is facilitating a social media Twitter session on the subject of rural crime on Wednesday, 30 April.

The group brings together a range of experts encompassing the spectrum of modern policing.

Its directors are all former police officers, including former chief constable Stuart Hyde and author and commentator Mike Pannett.

"Rural crime is a topical issue at present and we expect it to be a vibrant and lively debate with a huge variety of views," said a spokesman.

"The session will start around midday and will probably go on well into the late evening, judging by our previous experiences."

The session is expected to draw contributions from rural community groups, as well as police chiefs, police and crime commissioners and rural policing teams.

Participants can join in by following the 4Policing group on Twitter at @4Policing and including the hashtag #ruralcrime in their tweets.


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