Rural crime not taken seriously by police

The Farnham Herald reports on new analysis by the Country Land and Business Association that found police forces are failing to recognise the severity of rural crime.

Fly-tipping, machinery or livestock theft, hare coursing and vandalism of farm infrastructure­ is estimated to cost the economy £44.5 million per year. The research examined 38 rural police forces across England and Wales, and demonstrated that 37 per cent lack a dedicated rural crime strategy, 39 per cent do not have a rural crime team and only 28 per cent give rural crime training to new recruits. Country Land and Business Association president Tim Breitmeyer said: ‘That a third of rural police forces do not have a dedicated strategy or team to deal with rural crime is quite simply astounding – especially when one considers the huge financial and emotional impact it has on those who live or work in the countryside.’

Full article:

→ Farnham Herald - Report highlights lack of strategies over rural crime


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