Rural fly-tipping issue raised amid UK's new lockdown

Farming UK has reported that awareness is being raised over the continued blight of fly-tipping in rural areas as the UK entered its third lockdown last week

With a new lockdown in place, the country is scrambling to establish what the latest restrictions will mean to people's daily lives.

The Countryside Alliance says it is monitoring waste disposal closely, as restrictions to recycling centres and tips can have an 'adverse effect' on rural areas.

The organisation says there was an 80 percent rise in fly-tipping in certain areas during the first lockdown, which has had an 'unacceptable' impact on the countryside.

Farmers’ fields, laybys and rural lanes became hot spots for DIY remnants, unwanted furniture and garden waste. ‘Without a question, fly-tipping is a blight to the countryside and needs to be treated as a serious crime,’ a spokesperson for the Countryside Alliance said.

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Farming UK - Rural fly-tipping issue raised amid UK's new lockdown


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