Rural homes struggling to install smart meters

The website covers the story that rural homes may be paying more for their energy bills as many do not have access to smart meters

New research has found that only 34 per cent of rural homes have a smart meter installed compared to 43 per cent of urban homes. The data suggests that this can lead to those in rural areas paying up to £320 more a year for their energy.

One of the main issues of living in a rural area is there is often poor internet connection, leaving households without the opportunity to have smart technology installed, including smart meters. In addition, many of the cheapest energy deals are now only available to customers who agree to have a smart meter fitted.

Many rural households are also unable to have a smart meter fitted, as they are supplied by heating oil or liquid gas from tanks rather than being on the gas grid. Switching energy suppliers is often seen as the best method to secure a cheaper deal, but this has been made more difficult to those in rural areas due to accessibility issues for energy providers.

Full article: - Are rural households paying more for energy thanks to a struggle to get smart meters into their homes?


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