Rural landlords face energy costs

The Farmers Guardian has warned that rural landlords could face an additional energy efficiency cost of up to £3,500

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards introduced earlier this year prevented landlords from granting new leases for properties with an Energy Performance Certificate below an E rating. However there was an exemption if a landlord could ‘prove improvements could not be funded by a third party’.

The Government has now decided to scrap this exemption, which could hit rural landlords hard as they often own older properties that are more challenging to bring up to modern energy standards.

However the Farmers Guardian reported on suggestions that landlords will be required to carry out improvements up to the £3,500 cap and can apply for a ‘high cost’ exemption beyond that.  Any energy efficiency improvements made since October 2017 will also be counted. 

Full article:

→ The Farmers Guardian - Rural landlords face energy efficiency costs of up to £3,500


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