Rural Lens Review of Plan for Jobs - Protecting, supporting and creating jobs

The Government has put in place a range of measures, unprecedented in recent times and amounting to approaching £300 billion to address the impact of the pandemic.

In its most recent announcements on ameliorating the impact of the pandemic the Government on 8th July 2020 published a” Plan for Jobs”.

The RSN has considered the Plan for Jobs and produced a Rural Lens document, setting out potential impacts for rural areas, or highlighting areas where rural communities and their needs should be considered. This document can be downloaded here

The overall impression gained from the Government’s most recent announcements in this area are that:

- Some measures are short term and essentially confidence raising / political (eat out to help out)
- Some measures seek to mitigate immediate impacts
- Some potentially structural responses

There are three core elements to the Plan for Jobs:

  • Supporting Jobs – a package of support measures to provide learning, employment, and work-placement opportunities principally for 16-24-
  • year olds.
  • Protecting Jobs – a package of fiscal measures aimed at sustaining the hospitality and leisure sectors
  • Creating Jobs – a package of fiscal measures aimed at stimulating and flexing the impact of the housing market

These are supplemented by a package of 25 measures announced by the Prime Minister on 30 June 2020. A number of these measures in terms of housing, planning and direct support to employers and sectors, which predominate in rural areas could make a significant contribution to the regeneration of rural economies.


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