Rural Market Towns Group (RMTG) reaches 200!

The Rural Market Towns Group is part of the Rural Services Network that has been set up in recent years, to enable rural Town and Larger Parish Councils across England to come together to share good practice and network

The RMTG enables the Rural Services Network to represent a wide range of public sector organisations from Parish Councils to Unitary Authorities, and effectively be the national voice for rural services.

With the Kirklees area Town of Meltham joining, the RMTG has reached the threshold of 200 Rural Local Councils in membership.  This was the initial goal for the Group - because it was felt important that there should be members from all the rural areas of England – ensuring it was  it a truly cross rural English Town grouping.

The group will comprise both an information network and a representational base to support the wider campaigning of the Rural Services Network for rural areas, particularly in its Revitalising Rural; Realising the Vision campaign.

If you would like to know more about the Rural Market Town Group, please visit our webpage:
A Rural Market Town grouping of the RSN - Rural Services Network (

If your town has not yet been approached to join, and you would like to know more, contact us at


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