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Rural maternity services

Managers of an Oxfordshire NHS trust have called for GPs to have extra training on how to perform caesarean sections, the Independent reports.

According to the Independent, to address shortages of obstetricians, health chiefs are considering modelling trusts on rural or remote maternity services where women often do not have access to an obstetrician at short notice.

The proposals would see ordinary GPs receive extra training to fill in for dedicated birth unit staff.

They have, however, been met with criticism from local doctors who highlight the existing national shortage of GPs. Dr Hugh Gillies said: ‘GPs are not a safe alternative to experienced middle grade obstetricians. It’s not a viable option and anyway, there would not be enough GPs to cover 24-hours a day.’

Full article:

→ The Independent - GPs could start performing caesarean births under proposals for stretched maternity unit


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