Rural mental health must be top of our agenda

An article written for PoliticsHome by Neil Hudson MP discusses the importance of rural mental health

The article discusses how more than a third of farmers in the UK have admitted to being possibly or probably depressed according to an industry survey and the Farm Safety Foundation report that that one farmer a week in the UK tragically dies by suicide.

Neil Hudson, who is a former a Veterinary Surgeon, states:

Nobody doubts that farmers are a hardy bunch, having to show great resilience. That said, the stereotype of the tough farmer who works all hours can be a problematic one and it’s time those in the industry were encouraged to care for their own physical and mental health as well as they care for their livestock and farms.

But mental health can still a taboo subject for communities, rural or not. Our EFRA Inquiry has taken evidence that folk in rural communities are reluctant to seek out help, as they are well known locally and do not want to show signs of vulnerability. Gaining parity of esteem between physical and mental health is a priority for me.

With mental health support often concentrated in urban centres, it can be challenging for those in remote areas to get the help they need. With often poor rural transport links and poor digital connectivity, rural isolation becomes a major triggering factor for mental health issues.

Full article:

PoliticsHome - Rural mental health must be top of our agenda

The EFRA Select Committee Inquiry into Rural Mental Health is currently taking oral evidence on this topic and a link to this can be found below:


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