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Rural Related Politics - A weekly review

23 September 2019

Below is an RSN review of last week's rural related politics as well as a look forward to the week ahead:

Last week in politics 
(16 September -  22 September)

On Wednesday 18, the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee published a report warning that the Government has failed to understand the extent of the digital divide between rural and urban areas. The Committee said that rural residents risked becoming ‘second-class’ citizens as their urban counterparts benefit from improved broadband and 5G mobile services.

On Friday 20, the Government announced £10 million of funding for five coastal communities. The money is part of the Coastal Communities Fund which will see £200 million invested in British coastal areas by 2021. Projects in Cumbria, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Kent and Suffolk will receive money to create jobs, boost tourism, improve transport and protect heritage sites.

This week in politics (23 September -  29 September)

Parliament is currently prorogued, returning on Monday 14th October. 


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