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Rural Related Politics - an RSN weekly review

06 Januray 2020

Below is an RSN review of last week's rural related politics as well as a look forward to the week ahead:

Last week in politics 
(30 December - 05 January)

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs published additions to affordable housing stock, by Local Authority Classification, in England, 2013/14 to 2018/19. The data shows that that in 2018/19 there were 3.4 additions to affordable housing stock per 1,000 households in predominantly rural areas, compared with 2.0 additions per 1,000 households in predominantly urban areas. The total number of additions was 16,770 in predominantly rural areas and 31,710 in predominantly urban areas.

On Boxing Day, the Government released figures showcasing the health and economic benefits of walking on England’s coastal paths. The data, collected from July 2017 to January 2018 by Natural England, revealed 29.1 million walking trips were made over a six-month period, boosting the economy by £350 million, with day-trippers spending on average £8.65 per day in coastal shops and overnight visitors spending on average £36.73. This supported more than 5,900 full-time equivalent jobs along the English coast. Natural England also revealed plans for establishing the England Coast Path: a 2,700-mile path around the entire English coastline for walkers to enjoy cultural and natural heritage.

This week in politics (06 Januray - 12January)

On Tuesday 7th January, Peers in the House of Lords will debate the Conservative Party manifesto commitment to deliver 50,000 more nurses in the NHS. In the Commons, topical questions will focus on the Treasury.

On Thursday 9th, Peers in the House of Lords will debate the consequences for patient safety of the backlog of maintenance and repairs to NHS infrastructure.


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